The American cover of 13 Curses, the second book in the 13 Treasures Trilogy.

The 13 Curses is the 2nd book in the 13 Treasures Trilogy.

Summary Edit

The Thirteen Curses is the second book in the trilogy of The Thirteen Treasures. It is followed by The Thirteen Secrets. It follows the story of Red as she tries to escape the Fairy Realm. The fairies promised to trade Red's brother for her friend Tanya's bracelet. The fairies added twisted curses to the Thirteen Treasures that Red must retrieve.

Spoilers follow:

After the long hard search and after winning against the fey king, she could take James home. But he aged differently in the Fairy Realm. He was now 6 instead of 3. He know had a loving fey family. They were the only family he remembered. So, Red had to sacrifice and leave him there. Rather than tear him from love to a live with people he neither knew nor loved. She left the Fairy Tales Book of her mother with the fey family and asked that they read it to him sometimes and they agreed. Red returned to the normal world and she was welcomed by those who missed her.