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Rowan Fox or "Red". Image by MarakiPJfun.

Rowan Fox or Red, as she is also known, is one of the main characters in this trilogy. She first appeared in the first book under the name of Red.

Appearance Edit

Rowan is said to have long red hair and emerald green eyes, as said in the first book. Later she dyes her hair to the color of straw and cuts it short. Some assume this is why she chose the name "Red" to go under. She particularly loathes her appearance, due to the feeling that she was always the different one in her family. Her mother, father and brother did not look like this at all. In the third book it is also said that she has freckles and a pointed, pale face.

13 TreasuresEdit

In 13 Treasures, she had taken shelter in a secret tunnel in Elvesden Manor unknown to Florence and the others. One night, as she stole some bread and butter, Tanya Fairchild noticed her and found the secret passage and Rowan. At first, Red terrorized her, telling her that she was going to leave her down there until she escapes so that no one can catch her (The secret passage is like a maze). But when the two realized they had shared some thing in common; the second sight. Rowan tells Tanya that her brother, James had been taken by the fairies and that she had been trying to get back while at the same time, kidnapping changelings and bringing the real ones. So basically, Rowan was a misunderstood criminal.Tanya persuaded her not to leave her by promising to bring objects that Red needs to her and even sneak in a shower. In their second visit, Red tells about the fairy court and the changeling trade.. She trades places with Tanya to go into the fairy realm so she can find her brother James. She also says she does this because "She [Tanya] has a life to go back to," and pleads for the vines entertwining around Tanya to "take her instead."

13 CursesEdit

In 13 Curses, Red enters the Fairy Realm and mistakenly finds an old hut. It is a witches hut, and she gets captured. The witch traps people to steal their looks as disguises. She try's to do this to Red, but her real name, Rowan, saves her and makes the spell backfire, because Rowan the name, named after the tree, wards dark magic. This kills the witch, and Red escapes, saving Stitches, (Warwick) but not Fenrick. Fenrick hates Red after that, and wishes to seek revenge someday.

Relationships Edit

Sparrow - Gave her the nickname "Red" Hunts - Red's best friend - possibly romantic relationship

Tanya Fairchild - The one she trusts most - share second sight

Fabian - brother/sister relationship