Gredin is a fey man, and also Tanya 's guardian. In the books he is described as dark-skinned and golden-eyed fairy with dark hair. His job is to protect his mortal and protect her best-interests. He can stop what Tanya has done or said that could be dangerous for the fairies' secret existence. He and two other fairies-Raven and Feathercap visit Tanya several times-when she has written about them in her diary (which was, eventually, destroyed before her eyes) and after an accident, in which the Draindweller which lived in Tanya's bathroom was killed. The fairies eventually decide to enchant her voice, so she can only repeat the last words of something a person says and not be able to talk by herself (fortunately, just temporaryly). Gredin has also aided Red (or Rowan ) and Warwick to make their way through and out of the fairy kingdom by guiding them through the realm and bringing them to the court for an audience for Red to be held. Being Tanya's guardian, can be summoned by her in time of need and often gives the girl information about the Fairy world, as well as advice on what she and her friends can do when they seek the charms of the bracelet in "The 13 Curses ".