A depiction of Fabian, faithful to the books. By Animeangel 08

Overview Edit

Fabian is the secondary protagonist in the 13 Treasures Trilogy. He is a boy with thick glasses, blue eyes, and unruly blond hair, who's slightly younger than Tanya. He usually assists Tanya and Red. Fabian lost his mom at an age of five. His father is Warwick and his grandfather is Amos.

Personality Edit

Fabian loves to research. He has a few aggravating habits, such as having a messy room, not caring about how he eats, and causing destruction around the house. This is due to the loss of his mother.

13 Treasures Edit

Fabian was very ecstatic about Tanya coming to his house. Tanya stated that he always bugs her when she comes. His room was littered with oddities including a plastic model skeleton and textbooks about subjects Tanya "never even heard of" when she arrived in his room. Fabian leads Tanya into secret passsageways and insists on sneaking out into the woods. His grandfather was accused of killing Morwenna Bloom.

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