When Red is captured by the Hedgewitch, the first person she encounters is Eldritch, a fey who was taken by the Hedgewitch, along with his "traveling partner" known as Snatcher , a matter of months before the arrival of Red, followed by Stitch (Warwick ). He is kept there by an iron cuff around one wrist that was attatched to the wall of the witch's celler, preventing him to be able to escape. Red afterwards finds a book and a map in the fairy's bag and recognizes he book to be her "Fairy tales" by Hans Christian Andersen-the only thing the children had left from their mother. With that, Red recognizes him as the other person who assisted Snatcher in the capture of her little brother. Eldritch promises Red to help her find her little brother, James , if she frees him of the chain and helps him. Red, however, doesn't trust the fairy and after the Hedgewitch's death, she lies to both him and Stitch that she couldn't find the key to the chain and takes her revenge upon him for participating in the kidnapping of James and her torture, yet doing nothing to prevent what was happening and stop his companion. After getting away with Stitch, Red throws the key to Eldritch's cuff in the stream while he is left in the witch's lair, vowing to take his revenge upon Red and Stitch for leaving him there to rot.

In 13 Secres, Rowan is haunted by the possibilty of Eldritch coming for revenge.  He is first seen when a 'changeling' reveals their true identity.

Later, he disguises himself as Sparrow and takes Rowan away to get his revenge.  He is later killed.